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The Humanist Perspective

Motivated by the tenants of Humanism—which stresses the value of human potential, emphasizes common human needs, and encourages us to utilize rational ways to solve human challenges:


We intentionally work with businesses and nonprofit organizations from under-resourced communities to help them obtain operating capital and amplify their impact. 


We believe that a collaborative, equity-based business model is the most ethical approach to effectively address and resolve the social challenges impacting under-resourced nonprofits and businesses.


We value people over profit as we work with organizations  and businesses to fund and implement practical and sustainable programs and services that recognize our shared humanity. 

Image by Simon Wilkes

Why We Exist

Humanist Perspective Consulting, LLC, was founded in 2018 to provide professional development services to young minority professionals in the D.C. metro area. Our mission is to enhance the sustainability and impact of minority-led businesses and nonprofit organizations through a Humanist lens.

After recognizing that over 60% of minority-led nonprofits, and 80% of minority owned businesses fail within the first year, in 2020, Founder & CEO Sean Smith, decided to utilize his grants and nonprofit management expertise to provide strategic grants management and capacity building services to under-resourced, minority-owned businesses and nonprofits, to help them acquire the funding and partnerships they need to survive.

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Our Journey

Since our inception, Humanist Perspective Consulting, LLC, has provided capacity building, curriculum development, grants managements, and thought-leadership support for several projects focused on improving the social conditions and lives of Black, Brown, and LGBTQ+ humans. 

We are honored to have worked on several community-based social impact initiatives for: ViiV Healthcare’s Accelerate Initiative, Virginia Sexual and Domestic Action Alliance, The Virginia Anti-Violence Project; Partnership For the Future, Emory University & Gilead Sciences Compass Initiative; Widener University’s Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative, Morgan State University, 1441 Incorporated, LAZERA Ministries, and other nonprofit and private entities throughout the United States.

From the onset of our journey, we have known the following to remain true: minority business owners and organization executives do not lack the skills, talent, or drive to be successful, but they are perpetually denied access to the resources and mentorship needed to help them develop and maintain effective organizations and viable businesses. 

As we continue to learn, grow, and build community, our mission will always be rooted in securing equitable distribution of resources to help sustain minority under-resourced businesses and nonprofit organizations.

As a company, we look forward to your support and business. As humans navigating the journey of life, we look forward to building a lasting relationship that will help our communities thrive.

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