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Sean M. Smith-Garçon
Founder & Principal 

Welcome to the Humanist Perspective community, and congratulations for taking the first-step to enhance the sustainability and impact of your business or organization. Over the past decade, I have committed my professional life to working in service of others; in fact, my bio was the last addition to my site because I believe in focusing on the collective and not the individual.

As a Humanist, I intentionally invest in working with diverse communities to help solve some of our most challenging pervasive social issues from sexual and domestic violence, lack of access to culturally responsive mental health services, and the lasting socio-economic disparities that prevent marginalized communities from gaining access to the resources they need to effectively respond to the needs of their communities. 


As a consultant, I leverage my personal and professional experience as a former nonprofit manager and grants management specialist to help minority-owned businesses and minority-led nonprofit organizations gain access to capital and they resources they need to thrive. There is no shortage of knowledge and innovation within minority identified communities; however, the disparate distribution of financial resources and capacity building support for business and organizations led by us, are a painful reminder that we are valued only for our labor, and not our ideas and long-standing contributions to society. 

As I embark upon this journey of social entrepreneurship, I look forward to meeting you- the brilliant, capable, beautiful humans that selflessly commit their lives to serving those we met at their most vulnerable moments. Joining the Humanist Perspective community is more than working with a consultant, you are working with someone that invests in the mission of your organization, and utilizes a holistic approach to ensure you move beyond survival mode. It's time to thrive! I look forward to building community with you. 

With peace and love, 


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